Travel to Kyoto

My travels in Japan mostly included the area around my home in Kyoto. The area in question was Shimogamo (下鴨), and the pictures that follow are from the neighbourhood shrine.

Maple Leaves

Stalk at the Palace

Mouse Sculpture

Cherry Blossoms at Philosophers Walk

Who doesn't love cats?

And who doesn’t love cats?

Another area I visited looked beautiful while the cherry blossoms were blooming. The contrast in seasons was something I really took notice of. It was a truly beautiful transition between seasons.


Shimogamo Shrine Bridge

3 thoughts on “Travel to Kyoto

  1. I think I only saw one cat the entire time I was in Japan! It’s thus surprising (and sweet) to see two cats, in one picture.

      • I lived in Yamaguchi and Okayama, respectively. I spent more time in the latter than the former, but enjoyed all of it. (I just regret never making it to Kyoto despite being so near to it!)

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