A Beast Most Queer

A mistake you make, for treading here,

A battered sound and shape most queer,

Cometh rise, and thicken grin,

The creatures teeth do bare within.


Fervent dreams of days untold,

Do dwell within this mossy hold,

Both bird and beast do linger here,

And with that dwells the beast most queer.


A crackled groan doth warn of he,

And under stars, and birds, and sea,

He grin and grope at natures door,

A wretched foe, of form unsure.


Brittle'd twigs and fern collide,

When met with his ungodly stride,

He flickers most unwary foes,

And thrice his jaws will grip your woes.


This be tale of beast most queer,

His malice wrought by mind in fear,

A portentous thief of sullied night

He lives to smile, and writhe; and bite.

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


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