Dear Baus

Dark Forest

Oh Baus, beware the Ashen Tree -
With roots that crumple bird and beast,
The needle-like, one two, two three,
Branches lay a grotesque feast. 

Do sit and pant and scruff thy treat,
My darling Baus – my mighty fiend,
Dressing your teeth with rancid meat,
Lick the pucid bones be cleaned.

Don't look askance - my dearheart, or
Tremble soft at its boughs pristine;
For I be one with earth and ore,
A sleepy spore of servile green.

Come and sinketh teeth within, my 
Fleshly roots that crave the air;
And nibble bitty at my sly,
Leaves that fall as maidens hair.

Beware dear Baus, the Ashen Tree;
Of friend or foe unsure be I -
Sit wary under cumbrous three,
Or in branch'ed death, you die!

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


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