The Gilded Grave

Image credited to Dark Souls.

What say you, friend, of the Gilded Grave?
That wretched place on Gooseberry Hill,
where the cats claw and wail,
and trees bend at will.
Will you join me, friend, 
as we venture so dankly,
and discover the horrors
who left them quite frankly-
I wouldn't know, save the old ground-keeper,
who still sleeps with his head
on an old rusted sleeper-
he'll moan and beguile,
as the moon does its waxing,
and lest not forget,
when he's maddened and thrashing-
he stirs up the earth of the grave- freshly bound,
and sweeps with his thrashing old hoe in the ground;
when the grave he does hit is the one that it lives in,
all around him will swim with the dead and the living;
do prey that your safe, as a babe in their bed,
or dear friend you'd find that old hoe in your head-
no less would he ponder for your brain be now his,
as he'd swing and he'd swung as a prize on his stick-
the grave we once watched is now stinking and bloody,
and with glee he would trot to his home in the study-
and your brains would be bait, dear friend, to deny-
would be graver than grave, and I will not lie,
that the grave that was Gilded, and once that we watched,
is now all but your own- with your name it be notched;
as the ground-keeper plays with your own bloody head,
I'll cry in my sleeve, as my eyes fill with dread.
Oh dear friend,  oh why, did I bring you to here,
my fault it must be for this poor act so queer;
the grave that was Gilded is now naught to you,
but the tomb of my dearest- 
in the ground you now stew.

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


6 thoughts on “The Gilded Grave

  1. wow, scare me (~_~) this was an interestingly dark and obviously well thought out write, thank you for the journey into the dark side (grin) This poem would make E. A. Poe shiver (grinin’) If these are mere ramblings, I would love to read your serious stuff (!_!) have a quality day and hoping you sleep well tonight.(chuckle)


  2. Now, this I take it is a literal painting?

    I was sitting on it for a bit trying to grok this, but eventually my id just kinda reached out and slapped me and said “You are trying too hard. She’s just painted a scene. There’s nothing here for you to grok. Just look around and try not to poke into corners that are only there in perception … oh, since I am your perception .. I’m gonna go get drunk now.”


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