Singing Water - Eva Menz

In the times of distant past, I stumbled onto thee,
While in my thirst I careless glutton'ed,
You lived with thought and mind un-caged-
And took pity unto me;
In hunger stood the I of me, as I fell into despair,
You loved but I, and only me.

In time I hungered, await and still,
My thirsty mouth, it mothballed stuck;
Into the depths of love I strode, unknown only to me; 
And clasped my hand to thee, most thrill-
Was felt, and words unwound in streams,
But by death I sullied you with fear and selfish thoughtless chill.

And by this foul unending tide, so long we said the city,
Where the sky met ice, and cast a rope;
I left with you, and cursed the dark unto the lolling tide;
We went, and yes- the air was sick and pretty-
By boat we strode unto the sea, until the past was empty,
I left with you upon a boat, your hands they touched in pity.

By flight we took and ran, as child they often do,
Not happy were the skies, nor cloudless pieces left-
My heart grew sore and heavy under straining sun that bore,
And in my hands I wept the words, your name I truly wept;
Forgo the night and masks I tightly wore, I wailed,
You shook my coward shoulders, as in despair I spew.

Cast me back!- Implore I did, and then I saw in thee,
The fearful gaze of you, my stolen sprightly love-
From safe to scare I pulled you strongly,
And now regret I seethe and grow as dead'ed, ghostly spore;
My thirsted throat know not the pain, nor sorrow justly kept;
For stole did I the beauty you-
the only sinking star of me.

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


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