The Dunce Beneath The Pine Tree

With wings that limb the beaten bore,
Inside branches red to mud, blush and
Dowse him, before the birding
Sucks onto the pine.

There be creeping a winding bottle,
Blue in bud, spore-filled, boorish;
A charcoal dinner of savoury wood,
And muted burly fruiting.

Beneath, the waiting traveller, a dusty 
Grass companion. Flailing dimly along the 
Bark wood- tempting feasts with
Nose's crook.

Smiling pretty beneath the pine tree,
A sugary cheek becomes the rice mound,
Frustrated, shaking, he throbs the timber;
They watch him quietly,

Ear to ear.

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


12 thoughts on “The Dunce Beneath The Pine Tree

  1. You are in love with words, and I think meanings are intentional in your poetry, but it is as challenging as that of poets like ExtraSimile on wordpress, but for different reasons. ExtraSimile’s work is so filled with allusions to the entire folio of literature that it dances, teases you as you work to get what is truly beautiful and enchanting if you’re willing to do the work. In your work the images are packed so tightly together and wrapped up into the creative fusing of words that you force us to make connections that are and are not there. This is a style of poetry that is intriguing, to say the least, and deeply interesting.

    • Thank you for your comment Thomas. 🙂

      Words are very important to me. I love learning new ones, even archaic. Fusing them together with my ideas it what makes my work so enjoyable. Recent comments have been excellent food for thought; they will only make me better as I progress.

      I hope I see more of you on my blog, too.
      Kind wishes,

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