Blood and the Alley

Apart from my misery 
The stony hole, the wilting flower,
Earth took a bud and shaking membrane,
Past the lobe a striking pick
Bending backwards a loping,
Breasted mound.

The earth is shallow.
As I bring clay to cheeks and
Whisper, unto him my bloody water,
In boyish legs, spreading between them
It grins a tepid, milky space
As pick I do at tufts of hair.

Biting lamps out down the walkway
And into the zone of paper grass;
Digging a gloomy bruise with fingernails
And spits of wood
That blood, a brightened slip,
A fattened pathway,
Rests, in part, in that Alley,

Apart from my misery.

© copyright Eve Redwater 2011


12 thoughts on “Blood and the Alley

    • Thank you, Russel! I am also influenced greatly by nature, it’s hard not to be! I hope to see more of you around my blog in the future – also, the cat in your Gravatar is adorable!

  1. Hi Eve. I want to thank you again for nominating me to the Versatile Blogger Award. I have finally nominated my 15 Blogs and I have made a small tribute to your work on my post! Jane

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