Crabs and Hard Candy

Several sweet white potter cups were painted blue, 
Shelved and bought with simple, copper pennies. A birthday paused 
As box undone, crab-claws toe-tip in painted lacquer-
Around and around in triumphant guises, in
Cramped feet stands a whitish space, most milky tea
Or buttered brandy sit and spin like yesteryear, that
Furnish all table tops with pinkish, oval flowers, while
Sucking sourly on hot rock gems, ten turns it takes 
For pity stomach to wholly, coldly blanch it.
Because candy sticks, obstinate, the crabs grow rough, 
The crabs grow angry; and nought in time can they be tamed, 
The scuttling scooting friend-
Of sand or hall, of sea and air, lacing meats washed and beaten 
Before the Sunday turf. A golden verge of wispy ivory,
Where watery lapping chases funny at their ruby tails. Burning up,
Becoming crusted, salt sheaves leave their thin bird marches,
Up and over,
In a tunnelled wind that shook a swallow,
Off he went and met that crab-kin, smiling, saying:
“Sweetness, not my favourite taste.” while tumbling through
The cherry sky. Repeating in a rocking stumble,
Mouths are pleased before the crab-kin. They stick the swallow,
as gulp they do at sickly, maudlin candy. But ever before the river
Knocked, they all knew soft and resolute; that through the shelves
House crusted kingdoms, they wait in endless mortuary,
For days that spit the coated shells of glossy, hardened, candy,
And days were swallows, seagulls come, and taste that sweetness

© copyright Eve Redwater 2012


14 thoughts on “Crabs and Hard Candy

  1. In this, you remind me that it’s Dungeness crab season out “home” on the west coast, the sweetest crab of all, and that this year is supposed to be a bumper crop. Sigh! The seagulls shall have all of mine.

  2. I was raised in Maryland and therefore, have an affinity for crabs that goes beyond the normal or natural. Crabs forever, just don’t let them pinch your big toe! You may end up with a limp for life. Happy new year to you!

    • Hello Rob! Thank you for your message! I would be interested yes. I was wondering if you could go into more detail regarding the publication of your magazine for me? Where you would distribute it, what sort of plans do you have for it in the future, etc.

      Thank you,

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