I see that one old woman
Struggling with her plastic shopping bags,
Every single Monday morning.

She climbs the steps to her front door,
Sets down her bags, and brews the tea.
Setting the table out for two.
Her beloved smiles across from her,

In a mottled picture frame.

Β© copyright Eve Redwater 2012


44 thoughts on “Single

  1. You continue to simplify and it’s highly effective! But don’t completely give up that sense of unusual imagery and metaphors, because it’s definitely a unique element of your voice and makes you special. If you’re interested in reading other poets who utilize the simpler voice (and you’re probably already familiar with them), try A.E. Housman and of course Emily Dickinson. Both are a few clicks away at Bartleby.

    • Thank you Lorinda. πŸ™‚ It’s all about me finding a balance at the moment. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy writing this, because I did. And thank you for the recommendations as always.

  2. You’ve reminded me of the verse my husband chose as text for the anthem a composer friend wrote for our wedding, that concludes: ” . . . for Love is strong as death . . . ” This is a tender, powerful, beautiful poem, Eve!

  3. My tired frame is bent and worn
    My smile has faded long ago
    But somewhere underneath the stains
    Of things that life has scarred us with
    I love you still
    I love you so

    Lovely thoughts, Eve. A pensive masterpiece!

  4. I like the (double) misdirection of the title. It implies a sort of condescending pity before it reveals its real sadness in the last line.

  5. Beautiful! What a wonderful way to capture the essense of someone we see everyday but thenn take us inside her world to see what is really happening. You’ve done a great job of pulling back the curtain on Real Life. I love it!

  6. Eve, I swear you wrote this one for me!! Thank you.

    I meant to tell you that I love your photo–you and your umbrella–you remind me so much of my beautiful and talented niece, who is currently studying fashion design in RI. Have a blessed day.

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