Milk bottles, glass blues.

My mother always said, 
That the milkman was the devil.
The way he comes a'clinking,
Every day at hellish hours,
That horrid, loathsome rattling. 
That way he chugs
Without a care.

And we collect him, wordlessly-
Grabbing necks, without thinking;
Catching souls who are the last -
Or are the first - to reach the steps,
At darkish hours, even if the world
Is bitter with a cold.

For all you know, 
He's sneezed his way throughout his life. 
For all you know,
He's maybe sneezed into the glasses
He so lovingly arranges,
On every step, on every path-
With a sultry smile that says:

"I've seen your face somewhere before."
He's grinning at the housewives,
While snorting at their children

Playing goose with their little shadows,
As they run the street at midnight.
In his stubby vehicle, he brakes before the
Meets with their milky faces...

A good excuse to take them home to wives,
Without their precious lambs.
As he spans the threshold

Into your domain.

Β© copyright Eve Redwater 2012


31 thoughts on “Milk bottles, glass blues.

  1. This made me chuckle!. I like that sense of the familiar stranger. I too liked the picture. How it shows you put some thought and effort in matching your poetry and presentation. (Makes you stand out among your peers)

    Df barker’s thought was revelatory to me. Makes me think of all those subtleties one gets out of English period pieces. (particularly Jane Austin for me)

    I get the nuance, (among others) of the Milkman as devil/Lothario. Come to visit his many assignations, the wives? the children? Maybe his! The final sentence was nice too, kind of vampire-esque, waiting on the threshold, to be invited in.

  2. I miss the days when the milkman would bring you glass bottles of milk, plus eggs and even orange juice. In Paris (1962) the milkman still used a horse drawn wagon! That would be a sight in Los Angeles.

  3. Hi Eve. I really like this poem, especially “grabbing necks, without thinking” I also visited your micro-site and I love the red bug and the way your poetry is presented there!!! Jane

  4. I doubt I would have ever a reoccurring thought of the milkman from childhood, till I read your poem….How delightful! I love the poem, Eve!

  5. amazing how your poem pulls me back in time – you have a wonderful pen, one that writes deep thoughts with flowing ink that attracts my eyes..,

    David in Maine USA

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