On His Way to Bitter Work

Too many fingers tug his satchel
On his way to bitter work
One where leather gloves 
May not be quite thick enough

To the pits and endless mounds
Of lavish bodies ones where teeth
Are all ready flat
And torches bare no comfort

Hauling them to barracks
Or even boggy trenches 
Watching as their skin slides off
Into the other side

In his hand only a penny
One he stole from empty pockets
And shoes that barely fit him
As his toes stick out like lamps

Β© Eve Redwater 2012


23 thoughts on “On His Way to Bitter Work

  1. Very well done. It reminds me of my hard working father. Even though I joined the Navy to get college money, my dad still works hard to make sure I am alright. I love that guy, thank you for this Eve!

  2. Nice! Very Visual. “Toes stick out like lamps”, I love the Sepia in your photos. Adds to the mood. I notice you’ve been trying different themes. If I remember correctly you were doing manga for a while. I liked that! Or if that wasn’t you…Try Manga! I like that! πŸ™‚ Don’t be afraid to recycle themes if the mood hits you!

  3. Two words: Zola’s. ‘Germinale’. This piece could have so many dark stories behind it: genocide or mass murder, but also more insidious sides of the same wickedness and despair, like a story of blood diamonds or, as in ‘Germinale’, of the hopeless and gritty and deadly poverty of those coal miners’ lives.

  4. “Watching as their skin slides off
    Into the other side…”

    the depth of your imagery – unique and very very creative…

    David in Maine USA

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