Dear blogging friends,

Hello, a bit of a different post today!

As prompted by Debra from Three Well Beings, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should write a little more about myself recently, and that perhaps you might like to read more about me. So, ta dah! (*Jazz hands*)

To think that I’ve met so many wonderful, gifted people on WordPress, that constantly enlighten my day makes me eternally happy. I enjoy writing poetry so much, and never would have imagined I would make a blog to try and share my thoughts and work with you all.

But, I did. This blog started completely at random. It was an impulsive decision, much like the decision that caused me to start writing my story (I suppose you could call it a ‘novel’, but it’s still in its infancy.), but that’s just the way my mind works sometimes!

When it comes to my poetry, I feel honoured by all of your kind comments and thoughts, and your support genuinely helps me continue working.

But recently, I’ve felt uneasy about my work. While writing is a pleasurable exercise for me, my self-doubt has begun its uncomfortable creeping, thus I feel like my poetry is suffering somewhat.

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. — Vincent Van Gogh

I realise that when I first started, my poetry was indeed rubbish, I’ll wholeheartedly admit that! I look back at it and think: “Wow, really? You thought that was good enough?”. It kind of makes me laugh, though! Again, I wrote entirely on impulse. I didn’t think about the entire poetry writing process, I just let the words fall out of my head. Now, I try to be more careful whilst still maintaining that ‘random’ style of writing that is me. I know that I’ve improved since I started blogging, but now I feel as though I’ve hit a glass ceiling; and I know for a fact its been put there by me.

I admire many successful poets, but feel frustrated whenever I compare myself to their work. Which is understandable. However, that feeling drives me forward to write better material. It’s just when I realise that even then my work is under par, that I become frustrated. I blame that on my childish nature in part.

I simply do not wish to put my readers off. To have developed a following in the first place is more than I ever dreamed would happen. It really is a lovely thing so, from the heart, thank you everyone!

I know that my poetry is different. I’m not writing about unicorns and cupcakes, but, that’s just not my style. We all have a personal style don’t we? I suppose what I’m trying to say is: bare with me. Improving my writing will take time, I know that.

Sorry, everyone. This has turned into a “pour my heart out” piece; my apologies! I would however, love to hear your thoughts.

I want to make my writing better for all of you – and for myself.

All the best to you all, wherever you are in the world.
I hope to hear from you soon!

With love from my rambling mind,


As I usually add photographs to my posts, I thought I’d add this one. I took this at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan (京都御所, Kyōto Gosho) last autumn. I thought the colours were beautiful. Once autumn starts, nearly all the trees look like this.
© Eve Redwater 2012

51 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. As a photographer I have constant doubts about the validity of my work, and I feel sure every other person who is any kind of ‘artistic’ endeavour is exactly the same so I feel sure that poets are not exempt. Your work is interesting and challenging. It is out of the ordinary, and so many people will dismiss it compared with Tennyson etc. but it does not make it any less valid. Stay in there and the cloud will lift and you will progress further.

    As a second thought on the same subject, once when I was feeling particularly down somebody asked me whose work I was looking at and I rattled off two or three of the very best in my field (Salgado, Bresson etc). There simple reply was to stop looking at the top 1% and try looking at the other 99% and then say that you are crap!


    • Thank you Gerry.

      “stop looking at the top 1% and try looking at the other 99% and then say that you are crap!” is a thought that I’ll take to heart! It’s very true. I think that everyone with this kind of artistic endeavour will meet with some doubt. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen into that gap at the moment. But, I feel a little refreshed having said, written and shared what’s been on my mind.

      Here’s to working hard, and coming out of it that much better!

  2. I am new to your work, it is good, very good. I love poetry, I neglected reading any for so long. So this? Well, it is like a homecoming long ago. I will not dwell on that, needless to say I was lucky it happened at all. Finding your poetry was luck, a stroke of a key and a wandering finger on a keyboard. I even started to blog, unlike me to write…….

    My point. I usually speak to groups, history, politics and philosophy. Mainly history, my true love. However, last year I had “block”. Turned down engagements, my mind went silent.
    It returns and yours will. It returns with a vengeance and by God what a flurry will erupt from your pen.

    So, as I say to my daughter often. Have faith in yourself, for it is all part of the journey.


    • Hello John, thank you very much for your thoughts! I’m happy that you stumbled across my blog – one of those little happenings that I often enjoy whilst searching through WordPress myself. I’m glad you took the time to comment.

      The block is lifting, a little; and I’m sure I’ll feel my confidence return soon.
      “Have faith in yourself, for it is all part of the journey.” is so lovely. I’ll remember that as I write.

      Thank you!

  3. I am also very new to yr work, and took to it immediately. I can also relate to some of the things you mentioned. To both of us: You needn’t worry about putting off readers. It’s our daring to just
    go off honestly to write for us ourselves as primary reader that matters, dontcha agree?
    “Rejoice, Rejoice,/We have no choice/ But to carry on” -Stills

    thanx for your cool quote

  4. Morning Eve. it’s good that you doubt yourself. It just means that you love and respect what you’re doing, and that you want to do all that is in you to do. It’s a humbling thing to write, to put yourself out there, to let others gape at what you’ve done. I’m glad you don’t write about cupcakes and unicorns, though you might have 1 latent cupcake unicorn poem just waitng inside you 🙂 The way i see it, the only reason to write is to write what only you can. Otherwise, why bother? It sounds like you’re in the right place. When the ground beneath seems uncertain it is at its most fertile. Looking forward to your next post…

    • Hello Kathryn! Yes, maybe I do have one cupcake and unicorn poem in me, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂 It’s frustrating to say the least, trying to improve, but it’s a long process; I just need to make myself understand that a bit better.

      I was anxious to post this post, but I’m glad I did. I thought I might embarrass myself for putting my thoughts out there, but it’s not so bad! “When the ground beneath seems uncertain it is at its most fertile.” is a fantastic quote, thank you!

  5. So, in other words, you’re trying to avoid becoming complacent. That is good. Everyone should try to get better, to strive to become more. I applaud you for that, and even if you are still experimenting, your works are still far better than many I have seen online. You are ahead of me in poetry, as I have only just been realizing that there is a form to the art and I have been trying to learn how to address that. We all learn, and I think that it is truly a wonder to see you learn and grow and for me to actually witness that. Instead of seeing you already “learned” and me wishing that I could be just as talented. I think that it’s posts like this, and your other works, that help other writers along and to have motivate themselves to strive for better, because they see you strive for the same goal. We all look to each other for inspiration, and that is good.
    Good Morning. 🙂

    • Thank you. 🙂

      No, I don’t want to become complacent – far from it. I continue writing because there’s a part in me that just won’t stop, even if I’m feeling a bit rotten about it! Which is a good thing. Writers and such can go far on their indiscreet stubbornness!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. It means a lot.

  6. Only my second visit and I thank you for beint there Eve. Many words of wisdom already expressed, but there is something inside you that grows all the time and we are all in that mode of growth for the result is of no importance. Your improvement mat be important to you but believe me you are in the right place and if we have not been where you are now then we have that joy to come. Please continue for you are a great inspiration. Love David

    • Hello David. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

      “there is something inside you that grows all the time and we are all in that mode of growth for the result is of no importance.” is so accurate. Thank you for these words. 🙂 I’ll do my best.

    • Hi Pete.

      As I mentioned before, I was a little embarrassed and anxious to post something like this on my blog – it’s a little out of character for me. But, I’m glad I did. I’ve had some wonderful insights from everyone. “A momentary lapse in strength should hopefully breed new determination”, or something like that.

      Thank you. 🙂

  7. Tell me about it. I look back on things I wrote two years ago with a genuine disdain, and I can’t help but feel that in another two years I will look back on what I write now in the same way. It’s important to keep writing, though, even if that is what happens, because there are people connecting to your work in the present, and it’s continuing an evolution.

    • Thank you James!

      I know for a fact I’ll look back and think “Oh dear…”, but I suppose that can’t be helped. I’ve just got to keep up with my writing, I’m sure the clouds will lift soon enough!

  8. Hi Stacey – Just wanted to let you know that I have genuinely been moved by many of your poems. Your imagery is thought provoking and sometimes just down right splendid. I encourage you to continue writing and sharing your work with us. The one constant in life is change – your writing will change and evolve as your life will change and evolve. And I look forward to reading more – Kathleen

    • “The one constant in life is change.” – yes, it really is isn’t it? Thank you Kathleen.

      I’m genuinely happy that you’ve been moved in some way by my writing. That’s the best praise a writer can get. 🙂

  9. They all said it, and it’s true: we all struggle with this uncertainty–nearer constantly than rarely–and simply go on because we know it will always continue to pester us and we will always continue to do valiant battle with it. You are so very much on the winning side of the equation, whether you feel it or not. Well, *we* are, for having you here sharing your poetry and your self with us. Thanks. Onward and upward!

  10. Eve, not many poets in my experience write about unicorns and cupcakes! Poetry can be everything from exquisite love lyrics to the most scathing irony (W.H. Auden comes to mind with that latter). And so many people think they are writing poetry when they are actually writing doggerel – it doesn’t even have a rhythm that scans properly or images that aren’t flat and pedestrian! And yet they are usually so proud of themselves that one hates to tell them how bad their material is! You’re not like that – you have an instinct for genuine poetry and that’s what makes you stand out and be special!
    And I think you’re an old soul – where do all these dark insights come from in someone who is – what? In her mid-twenties? (You mentioned learning to ride a bicycle at 22.) Let me just cite the poem “Grey,” which so stunningly captures a person taking care of a dying parent. I’ve had the experience and so I can relate. You never know when the end is going to come. You anticipate it and when it does come, you are both relieved and grieved. But have you had the experience? If you haven’t, how can you empathize so beautifully?
    Anyway, just keep writing and sharing, and we all share back and keep on enjoying.

    • Hello Lorinda, it’s been a while! I hope you are well.

      I mentioned before in finding a ‘balance’ between my work. I’m exploring what styles make me happiest when I write, what type of content, etc., I think I’m getting somewhere – however slowly.

      I think I really am an old soul you know, somewhere, deep down! I really wonder about the way I think sometimes. Most of the time, I’m thinking too much about things, and as such my family and friends all know of my tendency to ‘over-think’. I’m not sure why I write the way I do, but, it’s very comfortable for me. Like I said, I’m not full of happy sparkles and rainbows when it comes to my content, and I’ll have to admit that the appeal to some readers just won’t be there. But, that being said, I’m not going to change what I write about.

      As for the experience with reference to “Grey”, no, I haven’t. I feel terrible for saying that out loud, like I’m not honouring those that have had such an experience in their lives. I suppose I’ve dealt with loss in other ways, ones that aren’t necessarily linked to losing someone.

      Thank you as always for taking the time to comment!

  11. H Stacy, I’ve only recently learned of your blog. And have, so far enjoyed what I have read…Okay, there was one I didn’t understand, but that’s me, not you. I don’t always understand good poetry…So with those operative words, “good poetry” you can know you are doing very well with your talent. For me not to understand literally means it’s good, not just those kind of poems that rhyme for the sake of rhyming….So forgive me for that. None the less, I enjoy you visiting you and learning to read, what I call, “Real Poetry.”
    Hugs, xx

    • Thank you Debra. 🙂

      I’m happy that you visit and like some of my work. Don’t worry about not understanding – I’ve had my fair share of people say that! I really look forward to your comments you know. And just as a side note, I think you’re artwork is beautiful!


      • Oh Stacy, Thank you for telling me that…I have to admit, sometimes I feel a bit inadequate to comment when I don’t understand them, but I still want to comment so you know I tried, and came to visit you, if nothing more. I hope over time I will get more use to your style and pick on on the meaning them.
        Have a wonderful Day, Hon!
        Hugs, Deborah, but you may call me Deb if you’d like

        • No no, thank you! All your comments are valid, and so very welcome. 🙂 Through them I can see things that I’ve never been able to see before (in my poems, etc.), and that’s what makes them so important!

          Also, Deb it is! You have a great day too~

  12. It would be terrible if you never wrote poetry for fear of writing something ‘bad’. For me the process of writing makes me happy and that’s enough. If other people decide it’s good or bad after I’m done well that’s up to them.

    You keep posting and I’ll keep reading.

  13. I’m so glad you shared more about yourself! You post often, which in itself would indicate to me that you write very regularly. I find your submissions consistently interesting, but like all readers of poetry, we will all, including you, respond to some more than others. That isn’t always the “fault” of the poetry, but is more about where we are in our own heads at the time. You just keep on creating. I think every creative person has some bouts with self-doubt, but the true creative can’t stop. I’ll be reading! And the pairings with the photos is really nice. It sets you apart a bit! Debra

    • Yes! I think it’s been a while coming, but like I’ve said, I was a little worried about posting something like this. I’m happy that I did though. I write every day, but sometimes I really have to make myself if I don’t feel like it – but that’s good practice in itself. 🙂

      I’m glad you like the photo’s too, who have thought that I’d start doing something like that! (I still think my eye is a little off, however!)

      Thank you for inspiring me. xxx

  14. I will keep all that in mind. Oh, and I forgot to thank you for what you said about my artwork, and your comments on the when you visit.
    I put up your quote…It’s genius!
    Hugs xx

  15. Hi Stacy,

    I think I’ve been calling you Eve and now I feel silly! Which do you prefer, as I want to get names correct… 🙂 anyway, I’m in agreement with everyone else, in that, insecurity visits us all and we just keep on moving forward. Your poetry is wonderful and there are many times I think to myself “I wish I could write like her!” Stacy, I don’t have any knowledge of true poetry structure and rules…I just write from the heart, which is where my insecurity stems from…I thought, for sure, people would be critiquing me. So, like you, I’m amazed at my following and also, have learned a lot by reading others…Well, I think I’m rambling now, but please do continue, you have many fans and readers and I hope you will try to move forward from those feelings that weight us down! I have to say that I was always honored when you “liked” one of my poems! Much love and happiness in your writing journey~

    • No, don’t worry about that Lauren, either is absolutely fine! Stacey is my real name, so go with whichever you are most comfortable with. Thank you for your warm thoughts. 🙂 I’m always happy to receive your words; I wish I could write like you too! I think it’s right to say that everyone enjoys your heartfelt writings, they’re very pure, and very very lovely.

      All the best to you too, I hope that we meet often along this creative journey~

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  17. The day I stopped comparing my works, whether they be written or melodic, to other artists, was the day that I gave up all insecurity and discomfort. I know my little creations aren’t great in the eyes of the world and they will never be coveted or revered, but they’re mine. And that’s enough for me.

    Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. There is no real authority on the subject of creativity. The “greats” only became great when they realized they weren’t someone else. You’re one of the best poets I’ve ever read. In all the world, you’re one of my favorites. And that’s not lip service. Be you. Write you.

    Play sharp,


  18. A little late this, SB, but better late than never, I suppose. Been busy with life stuff! Anyway, I’ve read through comments from your followers above and I think by now you’ll have realised that every creative artist that ever lived, from time to time, had doubts and confidence issues. So all I can do is confirm that you should never doubt your talents – you’ve already demonstrated them in abundance – you’ll lose more by giving up than otherwise (and I don’t mean money – there aren’t any rich poets around, as I’m sure you’ve already discovered!).

    I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned dVerse Poets Pub (@dVersePoets on Twitter) and the newly created New World Creative Union (@NewWorldCreativ on Twitter; they are also on FB and their blog is http://newworldcreativeunion.blogspot.com/p/artist-directory.html, where you’ll find out who and what is involved). They are a great bunch of people, mainly poets, who are very mutually supportive, the coordinators, Natasha Head and Roger Baut, particularly. They’re worth a look and if you’d like to join in, I can introduce you. Let me know.

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  20. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing.Well you got back into the swing of things eventually. Your poetry is beautiful. I used to think my writing wasn’t good. They day it takes compliments a long time to sink in. I find the the case for me sometimes.

    • Wow, looking at this post again is like looking through a time-machine! I’m still learning, but I certainly feel better about things than I did back then. I know my older poems are a bit rubbish, but, “onwards and upwards” as my Mum likes to say! It’ll all work out~ 🙂 Thanks for reading this!

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