Back Then

It reminds me of a summer day in June.
Cats caterwauling, one ginger-striped alighting a rooftop
walking the spine I thought far too high.
The bees, hungry for the watermelon, swarm the flesh-bit pairing knife.
Mother swats them away with a wooden spatula as we giggle behind
sticky gun-shot fingers.

Dogs in the yard play finicky with their shadows.
The son next door swaddled in a rough pink towel after the water fight.
That time that we both posed for a photograph,
balloons in each hand.
When a bird flew in through the French doors, quick to recognise its mistake;
like a businessman caught in a lift in the depths of winter,
I’ve never seen a decision to leave made that quick.
The biggest dragonfly we’d ever seen;
we screamed together, swatting with a newspaper, magazines,
and sweating hands,
then fell laughing on all fours after it was gone.

Β© Eve Redwater 2012


30 thoughts on “Back Then

  1. A lush stream of memory painted for me to read and it brings to the fore my own laughing days as a child and my own experiences of things that leave quickly out of a mistake realized…lovely.

    • Hello Anna, thank you for visiting and commenting! I really appreciate it. πŸ™‚ It always fascinates me about the things people feel and think of as they read some of my poems, it’s wonderfully intriguing!

    • Thank you David. πŸ™‚ Yes, they are. The last one with the dragonfly is one I often remember with a big smile on my face – it was scary and hilarious all in one!

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