Does a runner see with his legs?
Two capillary sticks of all-purpose material
fit for exercise, ice-skating,
kicking moss-balls down a country road in the blur of winter.
Fit for a King of dancing, upright in doorways eating jam.
Going inside trees and kneading the knolls with the edge of your shins.
Blushful as you jitterbug across an ice-rink,
steaming from the top of your bald head were thoughts are more than alive.
Becoming a soaring back against the sky should you sprout three wings.
Two for flying,
one for catching mayflies, buzz-words as you head back down.
The rub-rub-rub of two thighs together,
like striking a fire between flint and Burdock.
Or, falling flat on your back,
you still wouldn’t know all there is to know.
Running with multi-coloured ribbons around your wrists,
a fox mask on,
a ceremonial sword,
smoke bellowing from your ears
beating down Alstroemeria,
beating it down,
beat it down;
until you’re running
without duty to dress.

Β© Eve Redwater 2012


25 thoughts on “Anthropology

  1. I haven’t visited your website for a while because I’ve been busy publishing my book, but I get emails of your posts and I always read them. And I particularly like “Anthropology” and also your older post “Back Then.” Both are suggestive but not so obscure that it’s necessary to spend a long time puzzling them out. Not long ago I Retweeted a quotation originally tweeted by John Welford: “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood. T S Eliot” And your poetry is often a terrific example of that!

    • Hello Lorinda, long time no see! Thank you for taking the time to visit! It sounds like you’ve been really busy with the book publication, I saw it on Amazon – it’s really something, congratulations! πŸ˜€

      I’m happy that you like this one, and I hope to see you again soon! Take care~

  2. I’m not hardly a runner, but this is beautiful and I think this is the way running is supposed to be. Fantastic, my friend.

    • Thank you! I think taking a run can be quite freeing – like riding a bicycle or driving your car – something like that. It’s your own personal space, so you can think, breathe, and go as fast as you [want] can! πŸ™‚

    • I’ve tried walking and reading, but I’m not very good at it! I always end up bumping into things! I don’t think I’d fare too well if I ran, too. πŸ˜›

      Thank you for your feedback as always Lauren. x

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