The Bees

Blessed are the flockmarked trees and bees made gold.
Indispensable bumbles, fluffs and fauna.

Cranberry, tulle, Boysenberry, pawnbroker, penumbra. They scatter.
A fire above the blazing garden battle. Honeylove for a pout,
teacakes, Earls in Grey and flour white loaves. Caught at
the edge, the bee-sage makes a heavenly stout: pressed to lips,
a pleasant hum to make good the year and sun’s sweet sallow.

Β© Eve Redwater 2012

Today (21st March 2012) is World Poetry Day!

28 thoughts on “The Bees

  1. That awesome moment when you read an Eve Redwater poem. Have you published a book with your best works yet? If not, you should probably consider it. Great job, as usual. Cheers.

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