Of Hunting

We begin with the warming, the pip of a heart.
Day mould in the leaves,
rust in the flora scatters in shudders.
Stuck to a tree comes a bellow of cuu. A sparrow I drew
with the yew in my bow; sadly, sorry. Mouthlings are split.
A mermaid-purse for the insides-out:
                           the forgotten smell of worms.

Β© Eve Redwater 2012


[Short and sweet today everyone, my workload is not fun! This photograph was taken on a trip to the Peak District one afternoon; a lovely snowy day. Submitted for DVerse Open Link Night.]

46 thoughts on “Of Hunting

  1. Lovely! I liked this. Again, you always seem to (with apparent ease) paint some sort of image inside of my head. It really draws me into you writings and makes me long for more! Good, good job!

  2. love. love how you engage the senses in this…the smell, ahh….the use of word too mould and rust both used in more positive than negative ways…the music of the pip…and the drawn bow sparrow…i like much

  3. Thank you. This poem smells like my childhood. In the damp mornings, always running on deer trails. Breathing deeply the dirt we kick up. Taking the back way to school.

  4. The aim in your poem is as true as that hunter’s weapon: straight into the heart. The rust of leaves shaken, the muffled cry, and the sight of that unintended victim, split inside-out into a “mermaid-purse”, tearing the quietude into shreds.

  5. I truly love what you do; the voice, the sculpting, the juxtapose compositions of sounds, alliteration and play of same studdered meters in ryhme. I am a true fan! You deliver a gifted quality that will continue to sweeten with time.

  6. So much imagery…in really only a few words! Is that a stream (bottom center) in your excellent photo? It was good of you to share this, Eve…I’m glad you took time for your ‘busy-ness’ to do it!

    • Thank you! If I remember rightly, it’s a kind of gulley. It looks rather stream-like though, doesn’t it? I feel bad for my lacking posts this week, but the deadline is approaching fast! So many words to type, so little time! x

  7. Eve, your work has an indescribable quality to it that really draws me in. It’s got an atmosphere that transcends the words which is something I really enjoy when I find it in poetry. Lovely imagery, as ever, and I particularly like how you end on such an abrupt note…a hanging echo, as it were.

    • Thank you very much Emma! Love the thought about an echo, it’s great! I very much enjoy reading your poetry, too – glad to have found you. πŸ˜€ x

  8. Hi,
    You write beautiful poetry and I love the photos you include. I love this poem. You tell so much in so few lines.

    I’ve been meaning to come visit you for some time but I’m always racing to catch up and never seem to get there… The joys of being a blogger.

    • Hello Rosie! Thank you ever so much for taking the time to visit my blog again, and for leaving me this lovely comment. πŸ™‚ I completely understand about catching up with everyone, since this morning my inbox has filled with over 100 emails from blogs I need to visit – it’s a never ending cycle, though I can’t complain because I love reading everyone… I can never seem to keep up!

      Thank you again for taking the time to visit me,

      Eve x

    • Hello Mark, thank you very much for visiting my blog! I’m happy that you like that line, too. πŸ™‚ I hope to see you again, you’re more than welcome!


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