Email and other connections.

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That’s: eve(dot)redwater(at)gmail(dot)com

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10 thoughts on “Email and other connections.

  1. I tried repeatedly to leave a comment on “Unwelcome” on your blog, but it didn’t come up, and dverse??? well, I just get that little star symbol saying I can’t access blog. LOL!

    I absolutely loved, LOVED “Unwelcome”. It was full of a particular poetic magic that just grabbed me into a realm that was amazing. It made me cry for some unknown and unanswered reason, and this is damn rare for me.

    Excellent, excellent poem. Haunting, too.

    Lady Nyo

    • Hello Lady Nyo!

      (I’ve had a couple of people mention not being able to comment on “Unwelcome”, I’ll have to look into it!)

      Thank you so, so much for stopping by and reading. I’m astounded that it made you cry! Really, I don’t know what to say…

      I’m so very grateful for your time and comment, please make yourself at home here whenever you wish! 😀

      All the best,

  2. Thank you, Eve….wordpress and blogger outfits are getting like facebook, hard to use.

    Hope your return the invitation, and come read my blog. I am changing to some more spring-like poetry, some things that have been a bit influenced by William Stafford, and perhaps you will like.


    Lady Nyo

  3. Hey there, just wanted to thank you for “liking” my post about Metal Gear Online shutting down. I was under the impression that no one was reading the stuff over there, so you pretty much made my day. Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

  4. From the Nose – how wonderfully well shaped and crafted – bits of dream/nightmare and the ending almost lost, just like dreams that disappear when you think you remember them, but they shrink into nothing. And I love your artwork – couldn’t see what was in the bees except a cat or racoon maybe?

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