Dear blogging friends,

Hello, a bit of a different post today!

As prompted by Debra from Three Well Beings, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I should write a little more about myself recently, and that perhaps you might like to read more about me. So, ta dah! (*Jazz hands*)

To think that I’ve met so many wonderful, gifted people on WordPress, that constantly enlighten my day makes me eternally happy. I enjoy writing poetry so much, and never would have imagined I would make a blog to try and share my thoughts and work with you all.

But, I did. This blog started completely at random. It was an impulsive decision, much like the decision that caused me to start writing my story (I suppose you could call it a ‘novel’, but it’s still in its infancy.), but that’s just the way my mind works sometimes!

When it comes to my poetry, I feel honoured by all of your kind comments and thoughts, and your support genuinely helps me continue working.

But recently, I’ve felt uneasy about my work. While writing is a pleasurable exercise for me, my self-doubt has begun its uncomfortable creeping, thus I feel like my poetry is suffering somewhat.

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore. — Vincent Van Gogh

I realise that when I first started, my poetry was indeed rubbish, I’ll wholeheartedly admit that! I look back at it and think: “Wow, really? You thought that was good enough?”. It kind of makes me laugh, though! Again, I wrote entirely on impulse. I didn’t think about the entire poetry writing process, I just let the words fall out of my head. Now, I try to be more careful whilst still maintaining that ‘random’ style of writing that is me. I know that I’ve improved since I started blogging, but now I feel as though I’ve hit a glass ceiling; and I know for a fact its been put there by me.

I admire many successful poets, but feel frustrated whenever I compare myself to their work. Which is understandable. However, that feeling drives me forward to write better material. It’s just when I realise that even then my work is under par, that I become frustrated. I blame that on my childish nature in part.

I simply do not wish to put my readers off. To have developed a following in the first place is more than I ever dreamed would happen. It really is a lovely thing so, from the heart, thank you everyone!

I know that my poetry is different. I’m not writing about unicorns and cupcakes, but, that’s just not my style. We all have a personal style don’t we? I suppose what I’m trying to say is: bare with me. Improving my writing will take time, I know that.

Sorry, everyone. This has turned into a “pour my heart out” piece; my apologies! I would however, love to hear your thoughts.

I want to make my writing better for all of you – and for myself.

All the best to you all, wherever you are in the world.
I hope to hear from you soon!

With love from my rambling mind,


As I usually add photographs to my posts, I thought I’d add this one. I took this at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, Japan (京都御所, Kyōto Gosho) last autumn. I thought the colours were beautiful. Once autumn starts, nearly all the trees look like this.
© Eve Redwater 2012