The Dia of Gnosis

Somewhere in the back of my mind, 
comes the honey-bled answer of yes,
but not no.
	Waiting by the black forest gate,
without song or the speech of my elders
long gone
buried in the depth of wintry mud and clandestine of stars;
		paused with a chalk-mark I drew of the sun,
still there on the red brick of my life-long house.

Before we left and the curtains of memory were drawn.
After the doctor's appraisal
	that mind was enough
		just as you are, I am no different.
			A sunk arm in a bedroom of boredom,
and here I still sit with the query of health.

Be it after a life 	long-lived in worry, 
or found beauty in the love of trees,
	the calmest of sights,
	wherein you know 
			that the sun will still rise in the morrow,
and money matters less
than a pen to paper,
a phone-call,
a stinging tinnitus of the ear when all in knowledge is known
			may I finally rest.

© Eve Redwater 2012